For the last few weeks, I’ve been slowly adding more fresh fruits and vegetables to our diets – and that also means trying some new fruits and vegetables and bringing back some old favorites we haven’t had in a while. Last week we bought an eggplant on a whim and made Eggplant Parmesan. We really liked it a lot! (Well, the kids and I did – we couldn’t get Big Daddy to taste it.) 😛

This week, we’ve bought an acorn squash. We’ve never had acorn squash and I think we might try Paula Deen’s Baked Acorn Squash with Brown Sugar and Butter. What do you think? Any acorn squash suggestions??

Here’s our menu for this week (check out all the fresh fruits & veggies!):


  • B – Cereal & Strawberries
  • L/Sn – (We’ll be shopping in the city with my mother-in-law, so we’ll eat out.)
  • Su – Pinto beans in the crock pot, beef (maybe in the crock pot, too?), rice, cornbread, salad


  • B – Cereal & Grapes
  • L/Sn/Su – Headed to the city (again) for dentist appointments and then dinner at a friend’s house.


  • B – Buttermilk Pancakes w/Light Syrup, Turkey Bacon, Cantaloupe
  • L – Grilled Chicken Salads
  • Sn – Yogurt & Bananas, Pretzels
  • Su – Fettucine Alfredo, Salad, Bread, Acorn Squash


  • B – Scrambled Eggs, Turkey Bacon, Orange Wedges, Buttermilk Biscuits
  • L – Tuna Salad (with apples & pecans), Celery Sticks w/Cream Cheese
  • Sn – Apples & Peanut Butter, 100 Calorie Snack Pack
  • Su – Taquitos, Spanish Rice, Pico De Gallo, Black Beans


  • B – French Toast, Strawberries, Turkey Bacon
  • L – Leftovers from the night before.
  • Sn – Veggies & Ranch, Granola Bars
  • Su – Eat out before the show.


  • B – Buttermilk Biscuits, Gravy, Turkey Bacon, Orange Wedges
  • L – Tacos
  • Sn – Yogurt & Fruit Cocktail
  • Su – Eat out before the show.

Menu Plan Monday is hosted by Laura at I’m an Organizing Junkie!!

Check back later for this week’s weigh-in of Battle the Bulge to see how much weight I’ve lost!!

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