Recently, I mentioned one late night where I stayed up cleaning after my family had gone to bed. Inspired by that success, I was prompted to continue that habit – only not so late and before my hubby went to bed. 😉

I have to say that I’ve developed a habit of cleaning in the kitchen (mainly, but sometimes the living room and bathroom) in the evenings after my children are in bed, after a short time of unwinding and surfing the internet and while listening to a sermon on podcast or some worship music (or sometimes a missed tv episode) via our Mac on the kitchen counter.

And? I like it. It works.

It’s quiet, it’s peaceful (the Mac doesn’t count – what matters is that the KIDS are QUIET,) and I’m at my most productive. Most nights I stick to this and I can definitely tell a difference in my work load and ability to keep up with it the next day. When I miss a night or two, I can REALLY tell how much worse it is!

Each evening I’ll run the dishwasher, wash hand dishes that have collected, wipe down the sink, counters and stove, sweep etc. Sometimes I may mop or clean out the refrigerator, or some other larger, less frequent project. Each morning, I’m able to get started on breakfast without any hindrances.

Sure, you could wash a hand dish immediately as soon as it’s dirty, wipe the counters down frequently throughout the day, mop during naptime – and not have to spend an hour at the end of the day. With small children and homeschooling, that isn’t really practical for me right now. Not only that, I’ve coming to enjoy that time spent at the end of the day. Just me and God, a quiet house, and (when I’m done) a clean kitchen.

I don’t like the cleaning part – but I sure do like standing back and viewing the results when I’m done. A clean space makes me smile.

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Hey, y’all! I'm Amber, and I wear many hats: Pastor's wife, marriage advocate, eclectic homeschooler, mother of three, and domestically challenged homemaker--lovin’ life and livin’ deep in the heart of Texas.
I love to write and I hope to use that wisely, to encourage others, and for God’s glory. I seek purpose in the mundane. I want my kids to see God’s fingerprints throughout all of creation, learning, and life. As I teach our children, God is teaching me through this homeschool journey, too. I love Jesus, family, coffee, words, and the color teal.
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