Last week I began a tackle on our new school area – the dining room – and let’s face it, at the end of the day, it wasn’t that impressive. It was just a start.

Check it out now!

I am totally in love with it. Thanks to everyone who offered their tips and suggestions!

As you can see, I decided to go ahead and let the dining room look school-ish. To be honest (and I know this is awful) it really doesn’t get used the way a dining room should. We rarely eat as a family there. And as much as I’d like to eat dinner as a family at the table, holding off on displaying the school stuff because I’d *like* to do something I’m not doing is just as bad as leaving the school desks in Little Prince’s room because I’d *iike* to use them more, too. See my point?

Besides which, even if we did all eat in there, it’s a heck of a whole lot more inviting than the big, white wall was.

One of my favorite features: above and below the map, I’ve hung fishing line which uses colorful clothes pins to hang items. Doing this makes them moveable, replaceable, and interchangeable in a flash. I also don’t damage the wall with tape or sticky tack every time I want to replace something.

My other favorite thing is the space I’ve created for Little Prince. It’s become obvious that my flimsy hope of him playing or watching a video while we do school and him leaving us alone is, well,.. flimsy. He has hit the age where he wants to be involved, too. So I moved out two of our dining chairs and moved the little table and chairs into the corner. WIth some cheap coloring and activity books from the dollar store, he can feel involved without climbing in the girls’ laps and scribbling on their school work. It may look a little cramped, but it’s really not. It worked out really well yesterday!

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