Me? I was probably kicking and crying a lot. Of course, I don’t remember the day. My mom probably remembers it quite well! ๐Ÿ™‚ How about it, mom – got a labor story to tell?

No, the earliest memory I have is from the early toddler years, in a two level home, me on the kitchen floor – dumping out the box of cereal to get the prize in the bottom. How old was I there, mom? Three?

So what will we be doing for my birthday today? Well, my family is involved in a local production and tonight is opening night so guess where we’ll be? And since we’ve had late-night rehearsals all week, I pretty much just want to sleep today. =P

However, my kids made some cards for me, and we’ll probably have a get together at my MIL’s house this weekend.

So in the meantime, y’all tell me about YOUR earliest memory. Come, it’ll be fun!

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Hey, yโ€™all! I'm Amber, and I wear many hats: Pastor's wife, marriage advocate, eclectic homeschooler, mother of three, and domestically challenged homemaker--lovinโ€™ life and livinโ€™ deep in the heart of Texas.
I love to write and I hope to use that wisely, to encourage others, and for Godโ€™s glory. I seek purpose in the mundane. I want my kids to see Godโ€™s fingerprints throughout all of creation, learning, and life. As I teach our children, God is teaching me through this homeschool journey, too. I love Jesus, family, coffee, words, and the color teal.
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