Well, well, well! It’s Monday again — ooops, Monday technically passed for me thirty minutes ago. Just an example of how busy I have been!

Some of you may have noticed, okay at least two of you, that I have been a little quiet around blogland lately. Now, it’s nothing against y’all, honest. 🙂 I have just been so incredibly busy lately that I haven’t even had time to sit down at the computer. And if I have, well, let’s just say for now that I’ve had other things that I’ve been working on? A little cryptic? Just wait, I’m going to get even more mysterious. 🙂

In the meantime, here’s our menu for this week. This is our first full week of theme dinners and we won’t even be home most of the week. 🙂 We’ll see how it goes.

Monday: Cereal; Leftovers; Bday Party at a friend’s house for dinner.

Tuesday: Biscuits & Gravy & Turkey Bacon; Pot Pies & Fruit Salad; Veggies & Ranch; Dinner: Kids at my mom’s and Hubby & I will be out.

Wednesday: Cereal; BLT’s & Chips & Fruit Salad; Popcorn & Apple Slices; Dinner: We’ll be out – Again!

Thursday: Breakfast Casserole; Hot Dogs & Chips & Sliced Veggies; Granola Bars; Dinner: We’ll be at a “Shower of Blessings” for my mom, who is moving this Saturday!

Friday: Eggs & Bacon & Biscuits; Veggie & Pasta Salad with Chicken; Popcorn & Raisins & Peanuts; Finally a theme night! – Mexican -Quesadillas & Pico de Gallo & Spanish Rice & Refried Beans

Saturday: Big Banana Nut Muffins; Tacos; Granola Bars; Theme Night – Chicken & Pasta – Baked Chicken & Ranch Pasta Salad

Sunday: Waffles; Super Nachos; Cold Coffee Blended Ice Drinks; Burger Night – Bacon Cheesebugers & Onion Rings

Well, that’s it for this week. Menu Plan Monday is hosted by the Org Junkie!


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I love to write and I hope to use that wisely, to encourage others, and for God’s glory. I seek purpose in the mundane. I want my kids to see God’s fingerprints throughout all of creation, learning, and life. As I teach our children, God is teaching me through this homeschool journey, too. I love Jesus, family, coffee, words, and the color teal.
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