It seems that Thursday Thirteen is coming to an end. There’s a possibility of it coming back or of some people still continuing to do it, but for the most part this is the last one. I actually planned on doing a first ever for me Thankful Thursday theme today, but in light of this news I thought I would combine the two and do a Thankful Thursday Thirteen. (There I go breaking the rules again.) 😉

Since I just recently posted 3 things I am thankful for and since that included God, my family, and my church…I’ll just pick up where that list left off.

1.) I am thankful for my little bible. It’s the perfect size to carry around with me everywhere I go and the cover is beautiful.

2.) I am thankful for a so-far flu-less flu season. (Which is compliments of God’s protection only- no flu shots for us this year.)

3.) I am thankful for shelter over my head and good landlords, forgiving landlords.

4.) I am thankful for warmer weather.

5.) I am thankful for the small town that I live in and the blessings that come from living in a small town.

6.) I am thankful for Princess who has taught me to be girly.

7.) I am thankful for Drama Queen who has taught me how important it is to learn to control my anger (and teach them in turn to control theirs.)

8.) I am thankful for Little Boy, the boy I didn’t even know I wanted, who is teaching me to enjoy ‘mess’ … and then clean it up.

9.) I am thankful for Big Daddy who goes off to work everyday to provide for us.

10.) I am thankful for my accountability partner, who is a huge blessing, and whom God is using to teach me many things.

11.) I am thankful for conveniences like hot water, air conditioning, and a car – things I often take for granted.

12.) I am thankful for luxuries like tv, phone and internet!

13.) I am thankful for friends I can call when I need to.

I am thankful that I could easily keep going, and I am thankful to God for all these blessings and more. 🙂 What are you thankful for? Here’s what Iris at Sting My Heart is thankful for. And here’s a few Thursday Thirteeners as well: alisonwonderland, This Mom’s Journey, Suspension of Disbelief, An Ordinary Mom, and Scribbit.

Have a blessed day!

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