10 Free Thanksgiving Resources

NOVEMBER ALREADY?? Goodness, it’s going to be Thanksgiving before we know it! With that in mind, I thought a Thanksgiving themed Ten on Tuesday list would be appropriate. =) How about ten free Thanksgiving resources? Actually, a few of these are lists so there’s a lot more than ten! These cover a variety of subject areas and age groups so have fun digging in! Also, don’t forget I have a great big “Free & Frugal Thanksgiving Resource” list myself. Ten Free Thanksgiving Resources 1.) 50 Free Fall Printables for Kids From Look We’re Learning, this isn’t solely Thanksgiving related but

Ten Thoughts Homeschool Moms Think

  I know I’ve read several times in several places that a woman’s brain tends to stay busy. Men don’t get this, because their brains have a power save mode. I don’t know if this is true of all men and women but this is certainly true for my husband and me, and for every other woman I have talked to about this. Our. Brains. Don’t. Stop.  We are all thinking about different things, be we are all always thinking. Ever wonder what goes on in a homeschool mom’s brain?  I mean, besides the obvious normal mom stuff: “I need

10 Kids Magazine Subscriptions

Are magazines “old school” now? Perhaps, in some ways, yes. But, aside from online shopping, the internet still can’t provide the joy of finding something fun in your mailbox. The kids love getting things in the mail (and who can blame them – none of the bills have their names on them.) 😉 The kids’ were first introduced to the world of magazines several years ago when my mom bought the kids an annual subscription to ZooBooks. We’ve had a couple others over the past few years and I’ve decided that magazines are something I want to spend some school

10 Pros and Cons of Eclectic Homeschooling

The Sweet Side of Eclectic Homeschool (The Benefits) 1.)  You can tailor each child’s learning experience specific to their needs. Need a harder math and an easier grammar program? Or vice versa? Challenge your children in their strengths and provide extra support and time in their weaker areas. 2.) You have the ability to pursue your own interests. Unlike with an all in one boxed curriculum, you get to choose which history period or area of science you will study. We love our history and science programs so much I couldn’t imagine home school without them (Mystery of History and

A Peek In My Fridge (Just for Fun.)

Have you ever wondered what other people keep in their refrigerator? I know that my mom almost never has salsa on hand, and we almost always do! People just have different “must haves” right? I’ve talked about eating healthy and I also talk about canning.. so just what exactly do I keep in my fridge anyway? In keeping with the “fun and random” feel for today, I’m not going to bore with just a straight list of refrigerator staples. But what is it about MY refrigerator supplies that might be different than yours? Well, let’s see… 1. Lots of canned

10 Great Books for the Homeschool Mom

Hey, homeschool mom. As you’re making out your wishlist for the new school year, happily plunking books for the kids in your virtual shopping basket,..have you stopped to peruse some books for yourself? I know, I know, you don’t have time to read right? (Neither do I. Truth is, I fit it in a page here, a few pages there. It’s hard work!) But it’s also true that we need encouragement, truth, and education, too. There are tons of books out there, and I’m sure there are plenty of great ones that I haven’t read and won’t list here today.