Marriage Minute

Marriage Minute is a short, “encouraging word” and “food for thought” for your marriage, posted every Monday here on my blog. I truly hope that it blesses and speaks to women and encourages them to invest wisely in their marriages.

–>You can find all of the previous Marriage Minute posts here, most recent first.<–

Marriage Minute is also an opportunity for you to share what God has put on YOUR heart for your marriage. You can link up any recently written, encouraging, post about marriage. (That is to say, it does not have to be a perfect devotional type message – it can be a lesson learned, or something you’re working on, etc, and all that I ask is that is not negative but positive toward promoting a good marriage relationship. Let’s encourage each other!)

If you want to include your post, please include a link or an image in your post, so your readers can also visit the Marriage Minute post and any other posts linked up for that week. Feel free to use any of these images below, but please! Save these images and use them for your post (instead of linking to the image location here, as many blog platforms allow you to do. Thank you!!)


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