So you wanna see my affiliate links?

All right then! Maybe you want to see what kind of companies and products I align myself with. Maybe you want to see how you can help support The Oliver family. Or maybe you just want to find some good products with affiliate programs to join. In any case, here they are. (I’ve tried to list all of them.)

Wait–what’s that you say? What are affiliate links? Here’s the short answer: 

When a company wants to promote a product, they create an affiliate program to get people (affiliates) to help them spread the word. When I sign up as an affiliate to promote their product, I get my own link to the product with my id in it, so that when someone clicks on my link and buys the product, I’m the one that gets credit for the sale. In some cases, if you click through my affiliate link and buy something else on their site, I get credit for that sale also. How much credit I get varies from company to company but it’s around 10-15% on average. You don’t pay any more money or have to do anything different, so it doesn’t affect your shopping experience in any way! When I use affiliate links in posts, I will use a button at the top of the post that will look like this: 

This post uses affiliate links. Read my Disclosure Policy.

Make sense? Good! Now let’s move on….

Companies I love:

I really enjoy these companies and products. They seem to be good companies, and I stand behind them!

More products I love:

I love Amazon! I love being able to shop from my couch. ;0)
As an Amazon affiliate I make a small commission (about 6%) on sales made through my affiliate link. Amazon sales have helped pay for about a fifth of our curriculum purchased for the 2012-2013 school year. It’s not much but it all adds up. You don’t have to buy anything special or make any additional purchases–anything you buy after clicking through to Amazon from my link counts.

Recommended Resources:

Movies and books we own, have owned, borrowed, and loved. (Only a few of these are things that came highly recommended and are on my wishlist, that is, books I haven’t actually read yet.)

(Or instead of scrolling through here, see it in a new window.)


Here’s a (hopefully) complete list of affiliates I regularly promote:

1.) Amazon.com – 
2.) Google – I have google ads and a google search bar on some of my pages. Google ads aren’t big money makers, but pennies add up dude! I’ve tried to tailor the ads and my posts so that they provide relevant links to something you may be searching for. If not, I tried!
3.) Currclick.com – If you buy any Currclick item with my affiliate link, I get a credit to use on their site or cash out. Affiliate links to Currclick help make my children smarter. 
4.) Bright Ideas Press – They publish the history curriculum we love, love, love: The Mystery of History. I rave about this curriculum. Ask me. =)
5.) Heritage History – This is a great Living Books supplement to our Mystery of History curriculum. We have the Early Readers Library.
6.) See the Light Art – A Christian homeschool company with art curriculum DVDs and Bible Story Art Lessons. We enjoy these!
7.) Notebooking Success – an ebook by the Notebooking Fairy that helped us (me) in our notebooking journey.
8.) KangaColor – My husband’s new coloring software project. While I’m not technically an affiliate, I do benefit indirectly of course.
9.) Bundle of the Week – I, um, may or may not have an ebook addiction. That aside, Bundle of the Week is an ebook bundle site, presenting 5 ebooks of a similar theme for a different set each week.
10.) Notebooking Pages – a site with free notebooking printables, and a paid membership with even more including the digital page maker, Notebooking Publisher.


I also use links to the above in my sidebars, I sometimes accept paid or product-payment reviews (if the product fits an interest or fills a need) and I do offer ad space.

At this time, it’s also important to note that I am a WonderMaps Brand Ambassador, and I am also a DK Books blogger. Additionally, I am a part of the Refreshed Moms team for Apologia Real Refreshment Retreats and a part of the Teach Them Diligently blogger team, as well as a blogger for Samaritan’s Purse/Operation Christmas Child — all three “pro bono” and because I believe in them, I really do.

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