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5 Curriculum Tips I’d Give Myself Of The Past

  If you could send a note back through time, what would you tell the “new homeschool mom” you?What would you specifically tell yourself about your curriculum choices? So much of the first few years (or five or seven) is about finding the right curriculum fit for your family. Wouldn’t …


Come Join Me at Teach Them Diligently in Dallas!

I can hardly wait the remaining month until Teach Them Diligently in Dallas! I need this, I really do. I have felt so scatterbrained, unorganized, haphazard and — whatever the opposite of diligent is. Last year’s convention in Nashville was really wonderful and I’m so, SO, glad they’ve got one …


Homeschooling with Tablets

The kids received something extra special under the Christmas tree..and I’ve been putting it to good use. They all got their own tablets, and they are loving them. Tablets! Each of them?? Yes, sirree. But hang on now, you need to know two things.   1.)  I got a REALLY …