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Minecraft Gifts

A Guide List for Minecraft Gifts

*This post contains affiliate links.* A Guide List for Minecraft Gifts Raise your hand if your kids like Minecraft? All three of my kids do, and most of their friends as well. Even though it’s been popular for several years, the interest hasn’t died down. So for my third and …

marvel gift guide

A Super Gift Guide for Marvel Fans

*Post contains affiliate links.* Where are my fellow Marvel fans? Marvel heroes are one of our geeky fandoms here. So it only seems fitting to draft up a SUPER gift guide for Marvel fans. We like to watch the Avengers movies, the X-Men, and Spider-Man, too. We watch The Flash …

Study Devotional Resources Christmas Advent

Study and Devotional Resources for Christmas and Advent

*This post contains affiliate links.* Thanksgiving is barely gone and my mind is turning toward Christmas and Advent! It doesn’t help that we’ve been practicing Christmas songs in the community choir since September, or that my daughter has been practicing Christmas music on violin since the beginning of the semester. With the …


Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Bible Lesson

*Note: I wrote this Charlie Brown Thanksgiving lesson post last year and never got it posted. I’ve edited it minimally, but we actually did this activity last year.* You probably don’t normally think “Charlie Brown” when you think of Bible lessons. You probably don’t think “chalk art,” either, for that matter. …