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My Classic Housewife Favorites:


About Me:

100 Things About Me

100 Things from 2010

A Meme of Random Facts in 5’s – except for one random 10. How Random.

A Meme of Six Quirks

I’m a walking right brain, left brain, contradiction.

Our Story Begins In California…


Schoolish Things

Our First Year of Pre-K; How it All Began

Ten Days of Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Homeschooling

ABC’s of Homeschool Posts

Supplemental Anatomy Science Books

Back to (Home) School Series

Reading Books for Math

Literature & Resources for Mystery of History Volume 1

Literature & Resources for Mystery of History Volume 2

Geography Literature

Teach a Kid to Learn..


Book Reviews

Gospel Story Bible

Truth & Dare Girls’ Devotional

Terror By Night


Pieces I loved writing.

But He Still Wants Me To Sing Him A Song

I Remember

Loving Reading: A Prince’s Tale

Memories from the deep.

My “Labor” Day Story


The Mother Letter Project

Things I Know Now That I’m A Mom


Bloggy type stuff.

Blogging Tip: Notebooking (organizing and staying on top of blogging tasks)

How to Blog Series

The Scoop on Facebook & Geo-Tagging: How to Play It Safe Online.

3 Reasons I Purged Over 100 Facebook Friends


Housewife-ish Fun.

A Tale of Three Laundry Baskets

Cleanus Interruptus

Homemade: Cooking from Scratch

Homemade Soap


Some People Think I’m A Little Strange

The Art of Being Frugal

The Cast Iron Convenience

The 20 Minute Clean-Up


God is GOOD. All the time.

And My Only Safety Net was God

Biblical Truths: From Star Wars?

See The Little Things

Glimpses of the Real


Nifty Neato

Clothing Storage and Organization Tips

Getting Permanent Marker Off a Dry Erase Board


Humor (Some of it at the expense of our kids.)

His Highness

How to Buy Gifts for Little Boys

Why (and How) I Use Swagbucks

Name Your Twitter Addiction

How to Have a Perfect Home in 5 Easy Steps


Standing on my soap box.



Lists. I make them.

My Top Ten Favorite Preschool TV Shows

Thirteen Blogs That Inspire Me

Thirteen Things I Try To Do When Blogging

Thirteen Websites About Bugs


Holiday Stuff

Easter Books

St. Patrick’s Day Resources

Advent & Christmas

Free & Frugal Thanksgiving Resources for Savvy Homeschooler

Reformation Day


Guest Posts and Other Goodies

Schooling Classically with an Eclectic Twist (10 Days of Classical Homeschooling at Milk And Cookies)

Spelling (How we do and don’t do Spelling, ABC’s of Homeschooling at The Momma Knows)

Homeschooling on Rice and Beans (a guest post for Homeschool Survival)

Overcoming Summer Burnout (posting on the Teach Them Diligently Blog.)

Contributor posts at The Busy Mom

Contributor posts at Bright Ideas Press


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