If you don’t know by now that I am a stay-home mom, homeschooling three children and surviving on one income in a two income world,..then you haven’t been reading my blog. *wink*

My inspiration

And if you haven’t heard about the FTC guidelines for bloggers then you haven’t been reading much of anything online, have you?? Not that the guidelines would affect my blogging much anyway, since I already have a strict honesty policy myself. But you already knew that, didn’t you?

Back to the part about living on one income… My main goal with this blog is honor God and encourage women. I also believe that God has given me this blog as a way to provide for homeschool curriculum and pay a few extra bills. Since April of 2012, I’ve been trying to build my blog, not only as a means of income but also as a means of encouragement to homeschool moms.

My mission statement for the blog: Classic Housewife is about being the best wife, mother, homemaker and homeschooling parent that I can be –and encouraging other moms to be the same. It’s about seeking to glorify God in all that we do, whether working, playing, learning, loving or just simply living life.

In my writing, I link to items and websites using affiliate links –links that will earn me a small commission if you make a purchase. Most of the affiliate links I use are for products we regularly use and enjoy (things I would have told you about anyway.)

That said, when I do use affiliate links I:

  1. Make sure that the information I’m offering is true, correct, and my own opinion
  2. Post links to items and websites I feel positively about/think my readers will genuinely be interested in
  3. Speak truthfully. If I say I bought, used, tried, or ordered something, I did.
  4. Welcome any feedback on items, offers and websites I link to – good or bad
  5. Use an affiliate link for something I am already going to blog about if I have one.
  6. Indicate at the top of a post if affiliate links were used, or if the post was compensated in some way.
  7. Indicate at the bottom of the post whether I was compensated in some way other than through an affiliate link, such as a being given a free product to try or being given a book to review.

Here’s a short list of some of my favorite affiliates I regularly promote:

1.) Amazon.com – If l link to Amazon, I use an affiliate link. By doing so, I earn a small commission on any purchase you make within a certain period of time. It doesn’t cost you any more money, or make you buy something that you weren’t going to already, it just leaves me a little tip in the tip jar for pointing you to their site. Yay me!
2.) Google – I have google ads and a google search bar on some of my pages. Google ads aren’t big money makers, but pennies add up dude! I’ve tried to tailor the ads and my posts so that they provide relevant links to something you may be searching for. If not, I tried!
3.) Currclick.com – If you buy any Currclick item with my affiliate link, I get a credit to use on their site or cash out. Affiliate links to Currclick help make my children smarter.
4.) Bright Ideas Press – They publish the history curriculum we love, love, love: The Mystery of History. I rave about this curriculum. Ask me. =)
5.) Heritage History – This is a great Living Books supplement to our Mystery of History curriculum. We have the Early Readers Library.
6.) See the Light Art – A Christian homeschool company with art curriculum DVDs and Bible Story Art Lessons. We enjoy these!
7.) Notebooking Success – an ebook by the Notebooking Fairy that helped us (me) in our notebooking journey.

I also use links to the above in my sidebars, I sometimes accept paid or product-payment reviews (if the product fits an interest or fills a need) and I do offer ad space.

At this time, it’s also important to note that I am a WonderMaps Brand Ambassador, and I am also a DK Books blogger. Additionally, I am a part of the Refreshed Moms team for Apologia Real Refreshment Retreats and a part of the Teach Them Diligently blogger team, as well as a blogger for Samaritan’s Purse/Operation Christmas Child — all three “pro bono” and because I believe in them, I really do.

I like the items I link to, or I wouldn’t share them. You may not like everything I like–and that’s okay. But feel free to leave a comment on such posts and share your own personal experience with any product, link or website that I link to or promote. Discussion is always welcome.

And of course, if you haven’t already, you can get my full feed in your favorite reader or inbox. That part doesn’t make me any money, but it sure is nice.

For more information you can also check out my privacy policy and my user agreement. Thanks!