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My blogging journey began back in 2006 with a blog called “Bringing Good Home.” For me, that blog name and it’s tagline (the tagline I have now,) is one of the things I want to accomplish through blogging.

“She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life.” ~ Proverbs 31:12

My blog is about “bringing good home” to my family. Everything I do while blogging should be done in a way that I am still “bringing *good* home” to them. Doing good, not harm.

When I moved to self-hosted WordPress in 2008, A Classic Housewife in a Modern World was “born.” Later shortened to just “Classic Housewife,” I blog about homeschooling, marriage, homemaking and faith.

My mission statement:

Classic Housewife is about being the best wife, mother, homemaker and homeschooling parent that I can be –and encouraging other moms to be the same. It’s about seeking to glorify God in all that we do, whether working, playing, learning, loving or just simply living life.

While I do blog from the perspective of a stay-home, homeschooling, Christian housewife, and that is typically the kind of reader my blog will appeal to, my blog is open to all moms–stay home or not, homeschooling or not. (Christian or not, though you might get tired of hearing my point of view. If not – well, howdy!)

Why Do I Blog?

I enjoy it.

I like to write and I like to talk. I also like to make friends, share my faith, encourage others and learn new things – blogging is a good means to all those ends! I also like to connect with other like-minded bloggers, to expand my circle of good Christian influences.

Blogging helps me do all of these things. From home. And that’s pretty cool.

Hubs ASKED me to blog.

I originally began blogging because my husband wanted me to do it. He heard that some people were starting to make money with it. Yup. It’s true. Unfortunately for him I got into it and grew to love blogging (pay or no pay.) ; )

It’s a little bit more than a hobby.

Making money through blogging is hard work! It’s a JOB. (And as far as the IRS is concerned, if I make any money at all on a semi-regular basis, it’s definitely a job and not a hobby.) One has to put in a lot of time to make an income from blogging. But my family is my FIRST job. I do believe that if God wants blogging to help contribute to our finances in any way, He’s going to help me do it without compromising my other (God-given) priorities.

Lately, time to invest online has been a little scarce. As priorities shift, what I do here shifts also. One thing does not change. I will continue to seek God’s will, and His help, as I try to find balance and accomplish what He would have me to do.  

Another thing that is certain, however much I pursue blogging as a business, I will do so while maintaining my honesty, integrity, priorities, family life, goals, vision and values.

So there needs to be balance. I hope what I bring to the table through this blog is a good balance.

 About Me | About the Blog | About Reviews


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