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A few things about “HOW” I blog:

I blog with honesty, integrity and my very own opinion. I don’t share my children’s faces, because I also believe in blogging safely. I blog as much as I can when I can – because it is a good outlet for me – but when life calls, I answer. My goal is a regular rhythm of at least two-three times a week. I blog appropriately with a certain measure of privacy because there are some things that just shouldn’t be shared on the internet. At the same time I blog with transparency when I can, to keep it real. So now that you know where I’m coming from, let’s talk about reviews.

First, for my readers:

Payment for my time will never sway my opinion. I will never post a review that is not truthful. I expect payment because reviews and giveaways take time – time away from my family, from homeschooling, and that time is valuable. So, I will choose wisely. I will never “sell out.” I will not “over-monetize” and fill my blog with compensated ads or reviews. I will *always* disclose. By being selective, expecting payment, and staying true to the values of this blog, I will be able to also stay true to my myself and my readers.

For companies and products:

Classic Housewife welcomes partnership ideas as well as giveaways, reviews, and ads. I will decline opportunities that do not fit the purpose of this blog, and I will honor my commitment to my readers to always choose wisely and selectively. If you have a family-friendly company or product which serves the needs of housewives or homeschoolers and fits nicely with the purpose of this blog and my interests, I will be more than happy to discuss ideas with you!

To date, I do not take on sponsored posts – posts in which I am paid to write about a specific topic in a specific manner without any item to review or personal experience with the product. Nor do I accept paid, “placed” posts – where I am paid to let someone else post something on my blog. I do not “sell out” my post space at the expense of my blog readers.

I am carefully choosy when accepting paid reviews – accepting reviews for products I am interested in, want to try out, and have a use for. When doing a review, I require a complimentary copy of the product to test out for myself (or I cannot review it.) If you want to do a combination review & giveaway, I will require a review copy and expect you to provide the giveaway product to the winner.

A complimentary giveaway and/or review is also offered to companies applying for ad space in a 3 month block. I have one ad slot which holds four company ads and which displays on the home page and all other pages. (For more information about ad pricing and reviews, please request a media kit.)

You can browse my previous reviews here.

About Me | About the Blog | About Reviews


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