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Hi! I’m glad you’re here. My name is Amber, it’s nice to meet you.

A little bit about me: I’ve been married for over 15 years. It’s kind of weird to think we’ve been married that long. We’re not ‘pros’ at this yet, but we’ve been married long enough to start figuring some of it out. We’ve been through some pretty rocky patches but God has brought us through all of it and taught us a lot through it. Marriage is super important to me–not just mine, but marriage in general. After seeing what God has done for us, I want to encourage women who are going through trials in their own marriages.

Homeschooling is a hard journey, too. It’s worth it, it’s a worthwhile challenge. I didn’t always know that we’d be doing this. I had a fairly great public school experience; I had no reason to consider otherwise for my own children. But God knew. He gave me a heart for teaching–I thought I’d be teaching Sunday School or maybe elementary music. Instead, I ended up teaching my own children everything from music to math. There are days I want to stick my head in a chocolate fountain and drown my frustrations, but I wouldn’t give this up for anything. Homeschooling is important to me, and I want to encourage other homeschool moms on their journey, too.

While we’re talking about it, motherhood is important to me, too. I don’t care whether you’re a stay home mom, a homeschool mom, a step-mom, adoptive mom, a workforce mom… motherhood is hard, too. And also very, very worth it.

My faith, and God, is of utmost importance. My faith influences everything I do. I lean on God to get me through the challenges and the trials and He never lets me down. He provides and blesses in so many ways. I am not the best homemaker, I am not the best cook, I struggle daily with self-discipline and good habits. Somehow God uses the little I have to offer for His glory. I offer up all I am and have- even this blog-for His purposes and His glory.

More about me: I love to sing, play guitar, drink coffee, read books, write, watch movies with my family, sit around campfires, chat with friends, be silly, eat dark chocolate, watch documentaries and learn new things. I’m an extrovert, definitely not an outdoors person, and I have a new appreciation for history after studying it with my kids. The rest of the crew: My husband, James, aka “Big Daddy,” my oldest daughter, Catie, my second daughter, Arielle, and my son, Alexander. This is my family, and I love them so much.

Like my tagline said for a very long time: Our house is often messy, sometimes loud, and never boring!

I hope you find laughter and inspiration here in these pages, as I share the “joys” and the “good things” in the reality of our imperfect homeschool life. I pray that you find peace and hope when I share the joy that I find through Christ. I hope you find encouragement as I share about how GOOD God is, even while I am not. What I really, really, hope.. is that you leave my blog with a smile.

If you’re a new guest, I’d like to invite you to get started by browsing through my “Best Of” page. Thank you~

About Me | About the Blog | About Reviews


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