Homeschooling: Bible and Worldview

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homeschool bible and worldview

Homeschooling: Bible and Worldview

The kids and I have been using Apologia’s Worldview series for four or five years now, but I don’t think I’ve written anything specific about the curriculum. (I need to remedy that.) We memorize verses with the Charlotte Mason method, sometimes read from a devotional or story Bible, and then dig into the worldview text. What I love most about this series is the theology and vocabulary my kids are getting that I didn’t get at this age. We have slacked off on this for a while, though, and we need to get back to it. I do know that our school day (week, year,) goes better when we put Bible first. I keep intending to add apologetics for my oldest and we haven’t made that happen either. Maybe this year.

Here are the posts and I resources I do have for homeschooling Bible and Worldview

Materials we’ve reviewed: 


Apologia Worldview Series

I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An Athiest – Book and Apologetics Curriculum

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