Eclectic Homeschool

What is Eclectic Homeschooling?

Eclectic Homeschooling is a lot more than just being indecisive and having trouble making up your mind. (Though I often fit that description!)

Eclectic Homeschooling is about intentionally choosing the methods, curriculum styles, and approaches that fit your family best.

  • Will you sit in desks, at the table or on the couch?
  • Will you use unit studies, workbooks or computer programs?
  • Will you teach Latin? School year round? Let the kids take the lead?

There are so many questions you will ask yourself (or be asked) as you homeschool your children. Many homeschoolers I know are a blend of at least two different significant approaches, though many are true to form with one major approach that fits them best. Eclectic Homeschoolers examine and re-examine and select each little piece to fit their family best from so many different sources that they can’t say they stick to only one method, or even two. If you’ve drawn from a variety of sources, methods and styles, you my friend are an eclectic homeschooler!

We go where the learning is. Sometimes that’s a table. Sometimes it’s a desk or a couch.

We love living books, great classics and well written novels–rich text with great vocabulary and content.

We enjoy workbooks, computer games, art projects and science experiments.

We do a little notebooking, mapping and copywork.

We learn Bible, science, history, art & music together as a group across multiple ages.

We take interest, skill level, world view and learning style into consideration for each child.

We are truly eclectic.

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