Our School Room – Back to (Home) School 2013

My favorite post of the carnival! It’s time to share your school spaces. I’m not encouraging school room envy. We’ve had whole school rooms, we’ve had school stuff spread throughout the house and done school at the table. Now is the time to share how you’re using the space you have and what works for you! I’m particularly excited about this one because we have a new school space. Technically, a little breakfast nook area off of the kitchen, the nook was originally open to a sun room on the other side. When we moved in, we built a wall

Our Flexible School Day – Back to (Home) School 2013

Our Flexible School Day ~ What Works and What Doesn’t We have tried a lot of different things over the years, and we’ve been very flexible with our schedule to accommodate our current place in life. School looked different when we had napping toddlers underfoot than it does now that everyone is a part of the learning. In fact, school is always shifting and growing for us–as the youngest begins to enter the independent reading stage, as the oldest enters the independent learning stage…. our school day is always flexing, shifting, growing, like a living thing. Even though things are

Back to (Home) School 2013 – Curriculum

Books, books, books! I love the smell of a new book (I do.) We already have many of our new books for the new year, even though we’re not quite ready for most of them yet. I hope to pick up a few more things at the Teach Them Diligently Marketplace in a couple of weeks. (Update!! Sadly, the Marketplace has been cancelled due to low pre-registrations. They do, however, have their Marketplace Online store up and running!) As usual, we do most of our stuff together as a group. As Catie grows older, she needs to do more work

Back to (Home) School 2013 – Our School

Can you believe it’s July already? I truly can’t, I’m still in shock. July brings many things: Summer heat, the Summer Slump, and that familiar itch to ditch the old school year and get started on the new one! Things are a bit different for us this year. Since we took off most of November and December to move into the new house we are still knee deep in the 2012-1013 school year. We will continue “doing school” for the rest of July, in fact. We’ll eventually hit a point where we have to stop, call it the end of

Back to (Home) School 2013

The FOURTH annual “Back to (Home) School” carnival is here! Every Monday in July (starting the 8th, enjoy your holiday week!) we’ll be coming together to have fun and learn from each other as we prepare for the upcoming school year. If you’ve never participated before, check out last year’s Back to (Home) School series – the links are still good! My intent for the BTHS carnival is best explained by what I wrote about it two years ago: It’s a month long exhibition of what works for YOU (because sometimes we all need to remind ourselves what we DO

Back to (Home) School ~ Planning Our Days

Welcome back to the third week of Back to (Home) School, in which we discuss how we plan our lessons and schedule our days. I like using planners; I think it’s the visual organization that appeals to me most. I’m not one of those uber-diligent planner users, though. (I’m thinking about trying to become one!) Even if I don’t use our homeschool planner everyday, it still benefits me to have one. Last year I went out on a limb and did something c-r-a-z-y. I sat down with my planner and our curriculum and filled out the whole year. I intended