A Super Gift Guide for Marvel Fans

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marvel gift guide

Where are my fellow Marvel fans? Marvel heroes are one of our geeky fandoms here. So it only seems fitting to draft up a SUPER gift guide for Marvel fans.

We like to watch the Avengers movies, the X-Men, and Spider-Man, too. We watch The Flash and Arrow on tv, too (which I know are D.C. and not Marvel–we like them both.) And while I’m not particular to any one character, my 16 year old is a huge Iron Man fan. We are definitely Team Stark!

If you’ve got a Marvel fan in your house, too, I’ve pulled together a list of ONE HUNDRED gift suggestions to help you find something your fan will love — EVEN if they are a Captain America fan… I put some of those in there, too.  😉

Marvel Fandom Clothing & Shoes



Marvel Themed Jewelry & Accessories


Toys & Games for Marvel Fans


Marvel Fandom in the Home & Kitchen



Marvel Tech and Electronics

Marvel Books and Other

Did you find something? I hope so! I’ll be using this list for both Christmas and my daughter’s upcoming birthday  :)

One last question: Team Iron Man or Team Stark? 😉

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