Ten Free Language Arts Resources

Language Arts is one of the things that I really don’t spend a lot of money on – that’s because there are really so many great resources that allow you to do that for free! In the “leaner” years I’ve leaned on this more, and on the “fatter” years I’ve invested in a little more for grammar and writing. Whether you use free language arts resources because you need to or want to, here’s a list of resources for a variety of ages.

Free Language Arts Resources


Grammar Workbooks From Scholastic Literary Place (Grades 1-6)

The Big Grammar Book, elementary grades

Scott Foresman Online Grammar and Writing Handbooks, Grades 1-6

English Grammar 101, Grades 6-12

Reading / Phonics

Progressive Phonics

Starfall Reading & Phonics

McGuffey Series, Free online just print: Primer, 1st Reader, 2nd Reader, 3rd Reader, 4th Reader, 5th Reader, 6th Reader (Some of these are the “eclectic” original version and some are the “new eclectic,” they’re not all available in the same revision but they all work. Also, “first, second, third, etc” is not indicative of grade level but increasing difficulty level.)


Monthly Writing Prompts

Paragraph Train

Young Writers Workbooks from NaNoWriMo (Elementary, Middle, High School)

And because I just couldn’t limit it to ten….  ;0)


Spelling Solutions


Pennington Manual of Style

Do you have/use any other free resources for Language Arts?

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Thaleia @Something2Offer
Thaleia @Something2Offer

Thanks for sharing these! Found a few news ones and reminded me to check external hard drive for some I had already saved and forgotten about:) Gonna try novel writing with 3rd and 4th grader this year. Maybe momma will join them.


I’m glad it was helpful. Blessings!

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