St. Patrick Day Resources

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I know people say this kind of thing all.the.time but truly — I cannot believe we’re a week into March already. The year is just FLYING by! It occurred to me that Saint Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and I’ve also been thinking a lot lately about how I used to be so much more “on the ball’ when it came to holidays and birthdays and such. Something about having more kids and homeschooling them has sucked that out of me. Here it is March 8 and I haven’t even THOUGHT about Drama Queen’s birthday in a couple of weeks!!

Well. I’m going to start being a little  more proactive and I’m going to start with Saint Patrick’s Day. You know, I didn’t really know the story behind St. Patrick’s Day until a few years ago? Sad, huh? Well now I find it quite interesting. You can either read this interesting article about the Real Saint Patrick, or you can watch this short video. (Note he did get the birth date wrong on the video which he corrects with an on screen note that pops up. Otherwise is cute and to the point.) = )

To do some fun and interesting things for Saint Patrick’s Day, school wise, I’ve done some digging and I’ve found some good resources:

There are LOTS of printables here at Enchanted Learning, including the Shamrock Printable and St. Patrick’s Day printable activity book for early readers. Also several activity pages color by number, color by addition or subtraction, maps of Ireland.. go check it out!

There are several different trinity/shamrock activities at Christian Preschool Printables.

More than just crafts and coloring pages, there are many, many, educational St. Patrick resources at TeacherVision!

And last but not least, how about a story book? Patrick, Patron Saint of Ireland:

So now I just have to print some things out and get ready… The next week is going to fly by before I know it!!

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