*Not* Back to School Blog Hop, Week 1

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Not Back to School Blog HopIt’s the annual *NOT* Back to School blog hop over at The Heart of the Matter Online.. and I wasn’t going to rewrite another post for my curriculum since I’ve already posted it twice. BUT.. I’ve decided that I am, because I’ve made a few changes and tweaks and the other one (listing out every single notebook and workbook) is kind of overwhelming to look at — even for me! So I thought a simplified, updated list might be nice to share with all of the blog hoppy folks instead. Here it is:

2011-2012 Curriculum

{as it stands right now.. starred items are items I already have, everything else is subject to change. ; ) }

Group Subjects


History & Geography


  • Apologia: Exploring Creation Human Anatomy* with Notebooking Journals* and Experiment Kit.
  • Coordinating Science Readers for the Kindergartner (A book list coming soon.)

Language Arts



Individual Subjects

Princess, Age 11, Grade 6/7:

Drama Queen, Age 8, Grade 3:

Little Prince, Age 5, Grade K:

For Mom:

Well that STILL looks like a lot of stuff. =P I guess with 3 kids it’s bound to be!! But it DOES look less intimidating than the more detailed list. ; )

You can join in with the blog hop at Heart of the Matter, too. Check it out.

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