Linky Love ~ Homeschool Edition

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I have a bajillion Firefox tabs open right now.. okay not that many, but I did have that many a few days ago. I’ve seen and read many great things in the past week! Even if you’re not a homeschooler you may enjoy some of these:

DIY Spinny spellers and repurposing Duplo bricks @ Filth Wizardry – a great idea for early spellers. I actually did the Duplo blocks thing once myself… until the boy had a fit over what I did to his blocks. ;0)

Those “Socially Inept” Homeschoolers @ Principled Discovery – I know this is a really old post but I found it while searching the internet for something else. I found it a really well written post (she always does write in a very well thought out and presented manner.)

Some left brain/right brain & learning links I’ve been reading/researching:

Mad Glibs – Mad libs online! Free!

Online word games – fun word games for early learners. A word family games where the child chooses the word that doesn’t belong, a hangman like game, and several others.

I know there were many, many more things I read and found but didn’t think to bookmark or save. What good things have you read recently?

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