Drama Queen needs math curriculum.

She’s good on Science, History, Health, Handwriting, Grammar and Reading — all hand me downs from Princess or other friends. But math? Not a thing.

Princess didn’t even HAVE a second grade math curriculum. And I’m not kidding. We were So. Broke. I scoured 2nd grade math scope & sequence charts, I read the table of contents from a friend’s Saxon math book, I made a list of things she needed to learn and then I found games, resources and worksheets online to make sure she got all the bases covered. It was a PAIN. In the TONKUS.

I suppose I could do that again… but did I mention it was a PAIN? And now I have an older child to school and a rambunctious boy preschooler (that BOY part is important to note, see) who gets tired of school quickly and impatient waiting for his sisters to finish so I’m not quite sure I have that kind of time on my hands. SEEWHATIMEAN?

So. Drama Queen needs math curriculum. And I’m not sure which one. I *could* get Saxon (since Saxon books are what I have waiting for her for 4th, and 5th.) We could just go down that yellow brick road and stick to it.


There’s always the OR.

I’ve also been looking at Alpha Omega’s LifePac & Horizons (particularly tempting because they’re on sale right now* and I’ve been wanting to try some of their curriculum. Trying one math book first makes sense.)

So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to tell you a little bit about Drama Queen, then you’re going to leave your two cents. And your going to tell all your friends to come leave their two cents, too. Deal? 😉

Drama Queen, Age 7

  • Very active, can’t sit still for long, but is getting better.
  • LOVES MATH. Would rather do math than reading any day.
  • Does well with worksheets. She enjoys completing them. Can get on the kick of “And can I do the next one? And the next one?” and really enjoys completing an entire workbook.
  • Likes shorter lessons and getting straight to the work (doesn’t like to sit and listen for the longer lessons and then she’s tuned out by the time you get to the work part.)
  • Can read well (even if she doesn’t like it) and is able to read the instructions, etc.
  • Math comes more naturally for her and when I try to explain the “how” of it sometimes she tells me “you’re making it confusing.”

This is my tomboy girly-girl, so much like her brother, overly dramatic, short attention span, very talkative, math-lovin handful of a 2nd grader.

So now if you have a curriculum that you use/have used in the past that you think would be a good fit for her (or not, we can rule some out, too) then I would LOVE to hear from you!! Especially if you’ve used LifePac or Horizons in the past, I’m really interested to know more about those. Pretty please?

*Re: Alpha Omega’s sale, I have a sponsor link in my sidebar if you’re looking for that.
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